Plantable Pencil

Yes, you read that right. This kind of pencil can be planted after you've used them and they grow into flowers, vegetables and even spruce trees.
The idea behind this unique item is that if you can upgrade a pencil so it has a second life as a plant, what other small changes can you make in your everyday lifelto be more sustainable?
By planting a pencil, you're growing more than a new plant, you're helping to grow a green mindset that challenges the norm and that looks at how things can be reused instead of thrown away.
The pencil lead is a mixture of mud and graphite, and a small dissolvable capsule is placed at the end of the pencil, which can contain seeds of various plants.
When the pencil is almost used up, you can bury the end of the pen in a flower pot, water it regularly and bask in the sun, and wait for the little plants to sprout!

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