Prize of school environmental theme activity - Seed paper notebook case

Today, I would like to share with you the notebook case diagram of Xiangan seed paper and school cooperation.
Because the school organized an environmental protection concept activity, as the founder of Teacher Liu also spent some ingenious ideas on the prize of this activity. Teacher Liu also accidentally saw the short video we released on the social media website, and just saw that our product was in line with the school's environmental protection activity theme. So he asked us to make a batch of notebooks as prizes for this event.

The reason why our notebook is in line with the theme of the school's environmental protection activities is also very simple. The cover and back cover of our notebook are made of seed paper. Our seed paper is made of materials such as secondary recycled waste paper + bagasse + plant seeds, and there is no need to cut down trees to make pulp. The important thing is that the cover and back cover can be planted when you're done with this notebook.

A plantable notebook is definitely more interesting than a regular notebook. This case is the school's recognition of the quality of our products, Xiang 'an more than 10 years of professional customized products, only to produce high-quality products. Responsible for each product, is the production standard of Xiang 'an.